Brain Injury due to Medical Negligence

The brain is responsible for everything we do. It controls all movements, sensations, speech, thoughts and emotions. Accordingly, when a brain injury occurs it can have a devastating effect on the injured individual and their family. 

A brain injury in the medical negligence sphere is an injury which could have been prevented or at least significantly reduced if competent medical treatment had been provided

If you or a loved one has recently suffered a brain injury, you will undoubtedly be deeply concerned about the long term impacts of the damage caused and have questions you wish to have answered. 

To speak with an experienced medical negligence solicitor who will listen with the utmost empathy, please contact Laura today.

What can cause a Brain Injury in a Medical Negligence Context?

How Can Croke Medical Law Help?

Croke Medical Law are well experienced in Brain Injury Claims and will provide expert legal advice in an empathetic manner. 

We can: 

  1. Investigate the cause of injury and provide answers that you deserve to know to allow you to better understand what happened and to determine if a medical error was made. 
  2. Provide advice in relation to the legal process and represent you throughout your legal journey. 
  3. Seek financial compensation for you. 
  4. Seek an explanation and an apology from the wrongdoer(s).