GP Medical Negligence

General Practitioners (GP) are most patient’s first point of contact in the healthcare system as they are usually the first person you contact when you experience an issue with your health. The role of a GP is very broad as they are responsible for treating all kinds of medical issues and for referring patients to hospital and to specialists when needed. Because of this hugely dynamic role and because GPs are human, mistakes can happen and a patient’s health can suffer as a result. 

A GP may be deemed negligent if they fail to:

a) Properly investigate a patient’s symptoms;

b) Interpret test results properly;

c) Act accordingly on test results;

d) Diagnose a patient’s condition;

e) Refer a patient to a specialist or hospital;

f) Correctly prescribe medication

g) Carry out a minor procedure with due care and skill. 

This list is not exhaustive, and given the broad scope of work a GP undertakes, you may have experienced another form of GP negligence that can warrant a claim. 

If you or a family member have suffered a serious injury which you believe was as a result of negligent medical treatment from a GP, you may be entitled to bring a medical negligence claim. 

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How Can Croke Medical Law Help?

Croke Medical Law are well experienced in General Practitioner Claims and will provide expert legal advice in an empathetic manner. 

We can: 

  1. Investigate the cause of injury and provide answers that you deserve to know to allow you to better understand what happened and to determine if a medical error was made. 
  2. Provide advice in relation to the legal process and represent you throughout your legal journey. 
  3. Seek financial compensation for you. 
  4. Seek an explanation and an apology from the wrongdoer(s).